When You Should See a Gynaecologist

A gynaecologist is a doctor specializing in women’s reproductive system and reproductive health. When and how often one should visit a doctor with regard to their reproductive health are two doubts many women have. Here are some instances where you should make a visit and consult a specialist.

Regular Visits

Many doctors suggest that a woman’s first visit to a specialist has to be when they become sexually active. Even those who are not sexually active, are recommended to have their first visit around the age of twenty-one. If you are still unsure as to whom you should go for a consultation, it would be advisable first to do a bit of research and look for a gynaecologist singapore before you make an appointment. After the first visit, once a year regular visits will be enough. Your visits can be discontinued after around 70 years of age.

Changes in Period

There are instances where you might have to make irregular visits to your specialist. Changes in your menstrual cycle are one such instance. Often a change in the period in a woman can suggest pregnancy and specialists can help you prepare for a pregnancy healthily. However, there are other reasons such as weight gain or loss, stress and anxiety or hormonal imbalance that can cause this. A specialist will help you to understand the reasons and prescribe medicine if needed.


Menopause or the ending of periods is another instance where you will observe a change in the periods. This usually occurs in women of ages 40 to 50. The time leading to menopause will consist of changes in the cycle and the flow; either becoming heavier, lighter or longer. If you are at the start of the menopause, it is better to check with a specialist to make sure it is not due to pregnancy. Irregular bleeding is common during this time too, but it can also be a symptom of gynaecological cancer so those experiencing this should consult a doctor.

Irregular Bleeding

Irregular bleeding is not always a symptom of cancer. Irregular bleeding, during or before the menopause is a reason to consult your specialist as this also a symptom of diseases such as uterine polyps and fibroid. Often these bleedings are not related to the menstrual cycle. Bleeding during an intercourse can mean an injury to the cervix. Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is another reason to visit your specialist immediately.

Discomfort and Pain

Vaginal itching and discomfort is another instance to make a visit to your specialist. Especially if you can’t identify the reason for it. Often this could mean an infection such as a bacterial infection, yeast infection or a sexually transmitted disease. Therefore, it is always better to identify the reason for the discomfort you are experiencing, as early as possible so your specialist can direct you to take the relevant medicine before the disease worsens.

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