Taking care of your aged parents

Parents are the most treasured relatives in the world to anyone. There is no one who takes care of you and sacrifices everything for you than your own mother and father. It could be your own biological parents or foster parents; it could be even your guardians. Whoever it is, it becomes your responsibility to take care of them when they are unable to do so themselves. You must not forget that when you were small and couldn’t take care of you, they did everything for you.

Physical degeneration


As the parents or guardians are getting older they will face deterioration of body parts. It could be inner organs such as the heart, liver or kidneys or outside body parts such as eyes and limbs. Which parts are declined sooner will also depend on the sort of occupation they were engaged in. Teachers lose their voice quickly; top executives will be mentally strained, which can in turn affect physical faculties as well. Eye sight is something which will go downhill quickly. For example age related macular degeneration, which is an ailment associated with old age, progressively terminates sharp vision. It could be hereditary and especially can affect females after menopause.

Psychological situation


Dementia is a frequently spotted disease with ageing. It occurs due to dying of cells because of old age. It could be genetically passed on too. If a certain person has dementia they won’t have a clear memory as they used to. Depression is another mental disorder which occurs due to age. It could be because of the loneliness and joblessness people experience towards the evening of their lives.  Dementia is part of amnesia where forgetfulness is the result and another type is Alzheimer’s disease, in which old people get trapped in a specific memory and rely on being a part of it unaware of the presence. Even though it is sad to see our own parents and relatives not recognizing us due to memory issues ageing can make these happen. Best remedy is to look after them and make sure they are happy.


Simple steps


You can take simple steps to avoid some of these; for example depression can be eluded by you being part of their lives; perhaps your own kids can be their associates. You can take them to a routine medical checkup and have tests done for example an elderly eye exam. Afterwards if spectacles are required buy it for them. Mostly it is your duty to make them feel that their life is not over.


Your parents and guardians spent a long time taking care of you. They made you a good citizen and are proud of it. How you treat them will result in how your kids treat you one day too. So ensure you love and take care of your parents as far as you can.


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