How To Get Through the ‘Awkward Phase’ of Adolescence

Yes growing up is rather hard! You constantly feel like you have to be a particular way, dress a particular way and talk a particular way in order to be accepted by the circles that are so very important to you. It really is not an easy experience and you will often feel like you are making no progress at all. The articles below provide some details and tips that will help you get through the tough phase of adolescence with ease.

Find your identity

You must indeed find your very own identity and try to stick with it during the growing up years. You don’t have to look or behave the way someone else does. Understand that you are a unique person with a unique set of talents, skills and quirks and love yourself for all of it. You really do not need the approval of everyone in order to survive in the world. So many people who maintain low profiles during the adolescence grow up to be incredible individuals garnering the attention of large crowds. Your life is a lot bigger and longer than you think it is!

Stay away from social media

Yes it is normal for teenagers to be on social media nowadays. But do try to stay away from it, or at least, limit your social media usage. It’s not easy even for grownups to handle social media pressures! The ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ that people get on social media mean absolutely nothing. Life actually happens outside Facebook and Instagram, so do try to remove yourself from these sites as much as you can.

Don’t worry too much about your looks

Your body will be going through a significant amount of changes during these years. And you know what? Your body will always be changing throughout your life. This is not the final version of you. There actually will never be such a ‘final’ version of you as you will continuously change. So stop judging yourself and don’t ever be intimidated by someone else’s judgment too. If you are conscious about the way you look, you can try to take action instead of worrying. Maybe you can start wearing a fashionable pair of eyeglasses. When your teeth need to be realigned you can look for suppliers of Invisalign Singapore has, if you are living in that country.

Find a good bunch of friends

Your friends will carry you through the toughest stages of your life along with your family. When difficulties come, instead of looking for comfort in wrong relationships and bad habits, try to connect with a good group of supportive friends. These endearing friendships will often last throughout your life so invest your time in building such positive relationships.

Remember to just hang in there because this phase will not last forever. And while you are at it, don’t forget to have tons of fun too!


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